Welcome to our craft club

We hope to inspire you and encourage bonding time with the little ones to.

There are so many great benefits to crafting like stress relief and relaxation, we hope this journey can benefit you as much as it has benefited us.

The little ones and us love to sit together on the weekend and paint or stick or color. Crafting builds up so much excitement & confidence in my children it is a truly beautiful bonding activity. I love watching their little faces light up when they show off their creations to the family 🙂 Also a great, fun and educational way to keep your children busy in the holidays or for a different party 🙂

For us we need some “ME” time so that’s why we craft, we need a breakaway from the everyday normal routine and daily grind of work and chores…We craft to get away from it all, take a time out 🙂 Love what we create and being able to put it in our homes or our gardens…or gift to our loved ones.

We hope you enjoy our craft packs as much as we do, and hope to hear and see all about your creations…happy crafting!!!

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